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What is insured?
Restricted Cover
  • Damage by fire
  • Damage to goods by accidental collision, impact or overturning of conveying vehicle
  • Theft following the above
All Risks Cover
  • Covers any kind of loss/damage to the goods whilst in transit; in the course of loading and/or unloading and temporarily housed; in the ordinary course of transit
What is not insured?
  • Theft in which any of the insured’s employees is involved either as a principal or accessory
  • Acts of fraud/dishonesty on part of any employee
  • Disappearance of conveying vehicle with/without the driver
  • Loss or damage occasioned by delay, loss of market, depreciation/deterioration, moth, vermin, insects, damp, mildew, rust, wear or tear or Consequential loss
  • Leakage or spillage (unless arising from fire or theft or accident to the conveyance)
  • Inflammable goods/explosives; other hazardous goods; inherent vice
  • Riot, civil commotion, War, Invasion or warlike operations
  • Unattended vehicle left overnight (except securely locked and in an attended Garage)
Where am I covered?
  • Within Nigeria
Are there any restrictions on cover?
  • Limit any one Carrying
  • Estimated Annual Carrying (Sum Insured)
  • Geographical Limit
  • Policy Excess
How do I pay?
  • Cheque
  • Direct Bank Transfer
When does the cover start and end?
Cover commences upon agreement of Limits, payment of premium and issuance of the insurance Policy document (subject to Policy conditions) and terminates at midnight of the last day of the insurance period.
What do I stand to gain?
  • Restoration of financial loss
  • Continuity of business
  • Rest of mind
  • Repair or replacement of damaged property
What are my obligations?
  • To disclose all material facts
  • Take all reasonable precautions for the safety of the property insured
  • Immediate notification of claimable event
  • In the event of claimable incident, take reasonable steps to minimize the loss/damage and recover any missing property
  • Cooperate with claim adjusters