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What is insured?
This Policy provides cover for Accidental Death, Medical expenses incured and Repatriation Costs of persons whilst on international journey

What is not insured?
  • Accident arising out of Mountaineering / Sports / Competitions
  • Persons traveling contrary to medical advice
  • Persons traveling solely to receive medical treatment/check up; Cosmetic/Plastic surgery
  • Pre-existing Conditions
  • Suicide/attempted Suicide, intentional self-injury, insanity, allergy, nervous or mental disorders
  • Veneral disease or expenses incured in respect of A.I.D.S or ARC
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage or any disorder of the reproductive system
  • Children below 3months of age
Where am I covered?
  • Schengen Countries/Worldwide
Are there any restrictions on cover?
  • Policy Excess
  • Sum Insured
  • Geographical Limit
  • Other Policy Limits
How do I pay?
  • Cheque
  • Direct Bank Transfer
When does the cover start and end?
In line with the Period of cover indicated on the Certificate of insurance
What do I stand to gain?
  • Compliance with Schengen countries' Visa requirement
  • Rest of minds
  • Restoration of financial loss
  • Access to emergency medical care in the foreign land.
What are my obligations?
  • To disclose all material facts and complete application form
  • Payment of premium
  • Immediate notification of claimable event
  • Cooperate with claim adjusters